#267 - Walking Dead Robinsons

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Joe has disrespected Robby again. Will Robby blow his top? Do you know who Grimace is? Rob doesn't. Debbie Downer performs at Die Laughing Productions show "Sing For Your Life". WALKING DEAD SPOILERS!!! Gramps' picture are popular. King Larry kicks Marcus out. 


#266 - Don’t Mess With The Robinsons

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Joe and some friends swap creepy stories on the way to a haunted house. When the new Bethesda comedy venue struggles to manage the patrons, Rob saves the day. Even though the murder mystery in Syracuse goes well, Joe gets a report that there’s a problem with a member of the cast. The Robinson brothers don't take any crap, but someone else does Joe’s dirty work while Robby takes matters into his own hands. Joe’s ordeal leads to a conversation about cleanliness and the level it takes to deter someone from fulfilling carnal desires. Joe makes a few mistakes during the Ravens post-game show and Rob can’t wait to highlight them. Gramps gets hassled by the cops. Chris Restivo leaves Joe a voicemail. Rob and Joe view Amy Schumer’s social media posts with skepticism. A notorious name is back in the news and Rob and Joe dare to speak it.

Aired Live Monday, October 17th at 7:30PM


#265 - Gramps’ Sexy Photos

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Rob worries about doing the next murder mystery show in Syracuse without Joe and the usual full cast. Robby has his own cast for the previously discussed Rob and Joe sitcom. Rob and Joe report on Phil’s wedding and their moves on the dance floor. Robby has a connection with Rob's new award show gig. Rob and Joe pat each other on the back for this week’s post-game broadcast. The show’s former announcer is having bet regret. Robby makes the annual trip to West Virginia, but this years reunion included a new activity that was directly inside his wheelhouse. Joe receives some of the sexy photos from Gramps. Joe is faced with a difficult hypothetical involving tattoos.

Aired Live Monday, October 10th at 7:30PM


#264 - Rob’s Proposal

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Robby is absent this week, but the fear remains. Gramps tops himself with his latest Facebook post and Joe has a brand new tale from him. Rob thinks that the characters associated with the show could make a great TV sitcom and solicits Joe’s help in casting it. Joe refuses to remove Rob from his endless friends-group text stream. Joe thinks that his virtual friend King Larry is starting to behave like a dictator, and decides its worth another try calling him on the show. Rob has a gig that promises to be very long and tedious. Rob and Joe are both attending a wedding and one of them is stressed about his gift to the bride and groom.

Monday, October 3rd at 7:30PM


#263 - Mole!

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Since Gramps is busy philandering on Facebook again, no time is wasted getting right to his newest autobiographical story. Scott Apple is unfamiliar with one of Hollywood’s top-ten lead actors. Rob and Joe divide and conquer with a murder mystery show scheduled on a Raven’s post-game show Sunday. Rob shares a hypothetical about Joe’s girlfriend that unfolded during the car ride to the show. An analysis by Joe of the greatest game shows of all time emerges from the conversation. Someone on the Die Laughing team has something horrible growing on his face and Joe recalls an incident involving self-surgery in a sensitive area. With the first presidential debate is looming, Joe has a lot to say on the subject. Robby puts his foot down. Joe takes issue with a listener’s Tweet. Rob returns to one of their favorite topics; speculating about celebrity deaths. When Rob introduces one of his oldest notable friends to one of his newest, they end the night taking an Uber ride together. Joe wants no part of a stand-up gig to which Rob has committed him.

Aired Live Monday, September 26th at 7:30PM


#262 - King Larry

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When Marcus makes a revelation about his aging eyes, Rob and Joe discuss the realization of failing vision and the dangerous optometrist. Joe laments the struggle to get listeners for the Ravens post-game show. Rob wants a devoted fan’s power rankings to become a regular segment. A boxer’s biopic currently in theaters baffles Rob. Joe attends a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Apple where a big announcement is made. Robby speculates about the reason for Rob’s anxiousness surrounding the proposed viewing party and the conversation gets heated. The newest Gramps story is the best so far. Joe finds that a new game he is playing cannot be confined to its virtual world. Robby chastises Rob for not getting his celebrity friends to come on the show.

Aired Live Monday, September 19th at 7:30PM


Origin Stories – The Best of Year Four Special

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The topics and clips revisited include the following:

Rob and Joe discuss starting a pet death pool, then a monetary offer for Robby's Cat. This leads to a conversation about disposing of Joe's landlord's cat (episode 179). Joe may have inadvertently created an unpleasant new nickname for himself (episode 177). Rob, Joe and Robby compare notes on discovering self-pleasure (episode 202). Joe invites a much-discussed comedy neophyte on the show with the intention convincing him to give up his dream (episode 155). Joe has an issue with Rob’s outgoing voicemail message(episode 201). The collision of Joe’s personal and professional life gets some closure when RJ Jackson joins the show (episode170). Joe hears a story from his often-mentioned coworker that sounds like a plot straight out of Seinfeld (episode 176). Enjoy two highlights from the second installment of the Scott Apple music quiz (episode200).

Aired Monday, September 12that 7:30PM


#260 - I’m The Weak

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Rob is withholding gifts from his girlfriend to avoid eating outdoors. Regular season football is looming and that means the annual fantasy draft/poker night recap and Super Bowl predictions. Plus Joe is planning his 98 Rock post-game show without Rob’s input. Now that people have had a chance to hear Joe’s appearance on the Laughfinder podcast, he shares his thoughts on the final product. Rob sabotages Joe’s portion of the Ellicott City benefit show. The brother of a show P1 seems to be lobbying to override his sibling’s elite status. Things get awkward when Joe’s unintentionally tear-jerking inquiry of a friend is discussed and Rob misunderstands what is okay to reveal on the air. This leads to some unpleasant revelations. Rob is against Joe throwing a viewing party for his big upcoming TV debut.

Aired Live Monday, September 5th at 7:30PM


Head to Back

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A bad experience in a parking lot leads to a comparison of grocery stores. Its clear that one local venue known for live music is ill-prepared to host stand-up comedy, and an all-white politically correct crowd doesn’t help matters. In an attempt to spare the feelings of someone personally close to him, Joe conceals his contempt for a TV show. Fans of Rob and Joe in far away Philadelphia come to see the murder mystery. Joe goes to Ellicott City to shoot a special video for the upcoming benefit show, but discovers that this is no easy task in a disaster area. Rob reads an email blast asking for a comic to perform at a private function, and the gig seems to fit a certain familiar someone. Joe gets backlash for his views expressed on The C4 show. Rob is on the defensive again for disregarding Joe on local television. A discussion about the late Gene Wilder turns into another barrage of crazy hypotheticals for Robby. Joe is recruited to help re-roof a house and again cannot be truthful about the predicament in which he finds himself.

Aired Live Monday, August 29th at 7:30PM


#258 - Joe Who?

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Rob starts the show exploring the disparity with Joe regarding favorite teams, which quickly devolves into full-fledged sports talk radio. Joe is pet sitting and that becomes part of the conversation when the animal interrupts the show. Memories from Joe’s childhood once again put Gramps on the defensive in chat. Rob and Joe both had very challenging stand-up comedy gigs recently. Rob appears on Great Day Washington, and forgets (chooses not to mention) someone very close to him both personally and professionally. When Joe stumbles upon a restaurant’s unfortunate karaoke night, Robby and his singing become the a topic again in a hypothetical of massive proportions. Even though his “most famous friend” invites him to be his opening act again, Rob is afraid to ask him for anything more. Rob goes over his time at one of the shows and Joe is furious hearing about the fight that ensues over it.

Aired Live Monday, August 22nd at 7:30PM


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