Bad Mojo

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Joe has been very busy organizing the big charity murder mystery show and is very excited about the station personnel who he has arranged to play parts. Rob wants to know how Joe is handling the end of the Ravens' season. Joe vents. A well-known little person comic is in some deep doo-doo. On Twitter, J-L Cauvin defends his Ricky Gervais comments reacting to Joe's recent criticisms. Un-phased, Joe blasts him again over attacks from his resurrected podcast. Joe talks about his love for "teen movies" and Rob tries to understand what movies fit his definition. Rob longs to find the footage from his improvisation comedy sketch with Jaime Pressly.

Aired Live Tuesday, January 14th  at 7:30PM

The Price is Right

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Erik Woodworth gets recognition for something completely unrelated to comedy and podcasting. Chris Restivo on the other hand is the only one congratulating himself, and it's for accomplishing nothing. Rob and Joe brag about the upcoming murder mystery schedule and one show in particular. Rob and Joe put Robby on the spot to make his prediction for this season of The Bachelor. Joe shares some of his thoughts after catching up on the HBO drama 'Succession'. Following Ricky Gervais's hosting of The Golden Globes, Rob and Joe talk about his performance and the address some of the criticism. This leads to a discussion about film; including Will Ferrell's career and Home Alone. Joe has a new local hangout where he meets a lot of interesting people. Rob attempts to determine an action movie Mt. Rushmore with a lot of weird qualifiers. Rob and Joe eulogize a local legend.

Aired Live Monday, January 6th  at 7:30PM

Two Turds

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Joe bemoans his day job and turning 50 this decade. Rob and Joe have a disagreement about the frequency of mothers murdering their kids. This leads to a debate about the percentage of people who believe in some popular conspiracies. Discussing major personal life events of the decade, Joe reminisces about his days of doing stand-up. Rob and Joe try to determine the television show, movie, sports highlight and scandal of the decade. Joe shares and uncomfortable moment from an afternoon drive radio segment taking calls. Joe chronicles his predictions for the Ravens and Lamar Jackson. Rob and Joe swaps stories about the holidays and the gifts they received. While Joe is making strides attaining an NFL player best friend, he did take one step backward.

Recorded Monday, December 30th  at 7:00PM

The Sound of Robinsons

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After seeing Knives Out, Joe compares the movie to Die Laughing Productions' product. Robby is very passionate about his position that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. He's also very disappointed with Disney+. Rob and Joe talk about a couple of shows they can't seem to stop watching. Katie wants credit for coming up with a business idea that has now come to fruition without her. This morphs into a conversation about how people spend their time at work; Joe specifically. Rob and Joe are witness to what is likely the smallest margin win ever in a fantasy football. Robby, asking an innocent question on the topic, creates an argument between the two of them.

Recorded Monday, December 9th  at 7:30PM

Get to the End

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Rob's recently started to enjoy cooking and he shares his recipes. Rob and Joe are popular with the kids. Rob guesses for what things Joe gave thanks this year. Rob has a strange hypothetical based on watching the National Geographic section on the hot new streaming service. Anxiety about the big dance number in the Christmas murder mystery is troubling Rob as the first show of the season gets closer. Joe would rather watch the game at home, but if he's going to watch the Ravens at the stadium, he is particular about his skybox seat.

Aired Live Monday, December 2nd  at 8:15PM

Equal Spray

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Gramps loves his social media platforms, but he sends out a birthday greeting which Joe only receives by chance. Fans on Facebook weigh-in on good birthday gift ideas for Joe. Katie apparently has certain restrictions about what Joe can wear. Chris Restivo put together a star-studded birthday party for himself. When Joe and Katie go on a mini vacation to DC, the Museum of Natural history is a big let-down. They also go to see a play where someone working at the theater gets very aggressive with ticket-holders not stopping at the box office. Rob talks about shepherd's pie and stand-up Sam Jay's unique comic perspective.

Aired Live Monday, December 2nd  at 7:30PM

Ride or Die

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Robby announces some sad news. Rob and Joe had an argument just before the start of the show. Rob posts a poll on social media asking fans to decide who Joe loves the most. Katie makes a New Year's resolution that could be potentially detrimental to the show content. A listener in chat wants advice from Rob. Joe explains how drinking and drugs can be beneficial. Katie goes out with some new friends and brings home a lot of wine. With Katie's help, Rob thinks he can determine who will be People's Sexiest Man Alive in 2020. Joe is relieved that the parking situation for the pre-game broadcast next Monday night won't be as stressful as usual.

Aired Live Monday, November 18th  at 7:30PM

Joe the Philanthropist

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A disagreement between Rob and Joe about football gets personal. Mac is jonesing for some Gramps material, so Joe talks about his father's recent struggles with technology. Rob analyzes his sets at the Dry Bar Comedy taping last week, and shares his thoughts on Utah. One of Joe's tweets gets a lot of attention, and he is very excited about someone who liked it. Joe is looking forward to all the gigs coming up (and the ones that aren't) over the holiday season. Tempted by some click bait, Joe reads a list that merely frustrates him. Katie does not appreciate it when Joe almost buys her a present and then tells her all about why he didn't. Rob worries about karma when he denies a woman asking for money. Joe's contribution to the Quality Time podcast is getting twisted and creating frustration for him.

Aired Live Monday, November 11th  at 7:30PM

Fact Checking

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Joe is now able to enjoy the Nats victory with Rob due to a certain former show announcer no longer constantly trolling him. When Joe gets sidelined during a conversation with a Hall of Fame NFL player, he tries to determine who is the most famous person he's actually interviewed. Joe gets on a party bus with his father-in-law. Rob is excited about visiting Utah for the first time this week. This leads to Joe reminiscing about all the places he and Robby visited as children.

Aired Live Monday, November 4th  at 7:30PM

Dark and Scary

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Joe's wife sits-in on the show while he is called away for double-duty on 98 Rock. Rob gets screwed out of attending a star-studded evening. Rob and Joe's instincts were all wrong on the bet they placed last week. This leads to a discussion about television and the show Seinfeld. Katie defends against Joe's criticisms about her binging-watching ahead of him. Based on a recent visit to the movies, Katie has strong feelings about the next Batman. Rob and Katie consider which mythical creatures are the hottest and which vampire movies are the best. Joe and Katie have an idea for Halloween costumes that they can't really use. At the last murder mystery show, Tommy ate something not meant for human consumption. Rob is preparing for his Dry Bar Comedy debut. Katie gives her assessment of married life so far.

Recorded Monday, October 28th  at 7:00PM

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