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Cats and Dogs

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on January 26th, 2012

Rob and Joe attempt to find closure on the tensions and the fallout from the previous week's show. Rob encounters an annoying football fan. Robby is criticized for the cost of the Rob and Joe Show Android app. Rob and Robby have creative differences over the artwork on the new comedy CD. Joe takes a big lead in the gambling tally competition by winning a 98 Rock charity poker tournament. Based on Joe's prize, an inspired idea emerges for the show. The relationship with one of Rob's roommates, the cat, sours. Joe realizes that Rob revealed something personal on last week's show, but that it was not properly addressed. A television courtroom show case about 'stealing jokes' strikes a nerve. Joe's former radio partner Theo quits his job.

Aired live on Monday January, 23rd at 7:30PM


Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on January 18th, 2012

On MLK day and Joe tries to make sense of the holiday's meaning in 2012. Rob recounts an incident of offending a comedy show audience by paraphrasing Dr. King. Rob has to do a photo shoot for his new CD and worries about his weight. Robby gives an update about his attempts to book future guest. Rob and Joe compare notes on their Sunday night TV viewing and Robby's memory fails on some movie trivia. The long-awaited Joe Robinson/Sarah Simington summit finally happens and it's everything they'd hoped and then some.

Aired live on Monday January, 16th at 7:30PM

We’re very excited to have…Mr. Brian Brushwood

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on January 12th, 2012

The show starts without Joe because he can't seem to hold a connection on Skype. Robby is resistant to talking about Tim Tebow's record-breaking Tweet count. Rob defends his girlfriend against accusations that she is shallow. Without Joe to shed light on the situation, Rob and Robby speculate on his firing from WBAL. Rob's Tommy Morrison story from the previous show creates volatile debate on Facebook. Joe returns to the show just long enough to rail on Robby and contradict what's been said in his absence. Joe loses his connection once again, but returns in the nick of time to participate in the interview with Scam School's Brian Brushwood.

Aired live on Monday January, 9th at 7:30PM

Rob Maher vs. Tommy Morrison

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on January 4th, 2012

Joe takes his kids to the movies over the holiday and braces for a habitually annoying ticket-taker. Rob recounts an awkward encounter with an HIV+ boxer. Following a profitable poker night for the two of them, Rob and Joe decide to track their gambling winnings in 2012 and enter into a bet during the show. Joe speculates about his future at WBAL AM. Robby announces the upcoming guest line up, and one in particular designed to put Joe on the spot. Robby reads a list of implausible either/or scenarios for 2012 and everyone tries to determine which absurdity is most likely. As a result of the conjecture, Tim the announcer is angered and Robby is quizzed about his weight. Two recent news stories are discussed; the Perry/Brand divorce and the man who tried to pass a $1,000,000 bill in a Wal-Mart. Mickey Cucchiella wants to be on the show, but their are logistical obstacles to overcome.

Aired live on Monday January, 2nd at 7:30PM