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A Big Asterisk

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on April 30th, 2014

Rob and Joe explore the importance of food vs. sex by answering some hypothetical questions. Rob is skeptical when a long-time adversary of the show extends an invitation. The resulting meeting is detailed and dissected. A list of "don'ts" for the highly confident person is analyzed point by point as it relates to the tendencies of those on the show.

 Aired Live Monday, April 28th at 7:30PM

Your Worst Show Experience

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on April 22nd, 2014

Rob questions the Boston Marathon winner's nationality and plays God with the weather. A heated difference of opinion erupts surrounding comedy club business philosophy and the ongoing local competition under Joe's management. Rob and Joe perform at a strip club and it's not as fun as one would imagine. A PSA played during the second spot break leads Rob and Joe into a discussion about their best paying gigs and their biggest nightmare gigs. Rob remembers to address an uncomfortable topic left over from the previous week and this leads to yet another argument, this time with Robby.

Aired Live Monday, April 21st at 7:30PM

Salty Hot Pudding

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on April 15th, 2014

The anticipation of Joe's impending one-on-one basketball challenge is growing. Joe disputes statements made about him during the recent episode of It's Mickey featuring Rob. Hard evidence is unearthed to embarrass Robby. Comic Robert Andrew joins the show to discuss his 'fabulous' comedy and life. Rob is fascinated by the embarrassing performance of the Wheel of Fortune contestant from Indiana University. An unusual anatomy competition in Brooklyn, NY raises a lot of questions. Rob and Joe lament the ups and downs of a career in comedy.

Aired Live Monday, April 14th at 7:30PM

The Beer That Pedophiles Choose

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on April 9th, 2014

Rob and Joe share all the stories and excitement that was this year's Drafts and Laughs. Both the high and low points of Robby's triumphant O'MearaCast interview are dissected. The best and worst candidates to replace David Letterman are proposed. Rob recalls stories about a beloved comedian who passed over the weekend.

Aired Live Monday, April 7th at 7:30PM

Anorexics are Racist

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on April 1st, 2014

Comedian Gabe Zucker joins the show to replace an ailing Joe. When Joe is subjected to criticism in his absence, he can't help but join the show briefly to defend himself. In order to co-host the show Gabe cancels on a well-known New York comedy club, but not doing the kind of work one would imagine. Rob relays an unbelievable after-hours brush with celebrity following a show in Dayton, Ohio. Rob and Gabe ponder the attraction and the taboo of comedy club servers. Gabe relays a story that Joe once told about him from his own perspective. When a top NBA player gets tricked into sending naked photos to another man, Rob is fascinated by the allure of the bait used. Rob runs a few sample questions by Robby as a test for his upcoming interview.

Aired Live Monday, March 31st at 7:30PM


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