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The Green Room

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on September 24th, 2014

A long-time fan of the show changes his alias after the death of the person from whom that name was borrowed. Robby grieves this person's loss like a family member. It's discovered that someone on the show predicted another celebrity death. Rob feels that a well-known comedienne needlessly created controversy for herself. Joe repeatedly insults an audience full of disabled people. Robby finally has the name for his recurring digestive malady. Joe continues to see evidence that his current living situation is tenuous.

Aired Live Monday, September 22nd at 7:30PM

Movin’ and Boozin’

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on September 17th, 2014

Joe is uncertain about both his marital status and his brand new living arrangement. Rob is turned on by a piece of celebrity gossip. Show announcer Tim makes a gruesome, long-shot gamble. Rob finds his content restricted just prior to a special performance with potential network television exposure. Joe has a helper for his recent move with some fascinating childhood stories. Rob and Joe explore the love-lives of two people involved with the show.

Aired Live Monday, September 15th at 7:45PM

Also Something Good

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on September 10th, 2014

Rob gets frustrated by some technical issues plaguing the show all at once. A frequent comedy venue of Joe's becomes a gathering place for special reunion/celebration. Rob talks about his two newest opportunities for national exposure. When her coworker demonstrates very poor office etiquette, the woman gets reprimanded by Rob's girlfriend. Joe highlights another creative contribution from the world of Restivo. Rob runs into some annoying comedy patrons at some recent shows.

Aired Live Monday, September 8th at 7:30PM

Scary Hack

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on September 3rd, 2014

Joe delights in Chris Restivo's very fresh and public heartbreak. Rob see inequity in the way the NFL punishes players versus the actual legal system. Rob is unsure if he could pick out his naked girlfriend's body in a lineup. Controversy surrounds the recent female celebrity photos leaked and one in particular distributed by show announcer Tim. Joe is worried about his own safety after reenergizing the show's nemesis. The annual Super Bowl predictions are made. Even though Joe failed miserable trying his hand at painting, Rob is impressed. Rob takes an audience member to task at a comedy show.

 Aired Live Monday, September 1st at 7:30PM


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