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Cool Dads

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on February 25th, 2015

Rob wants to know what Joe is doing for his girlfriend’s birthday aside from dedicating the show to her. Joe faces a common problem as the parent of teenage sons. A heated pre-show argument gets analyzed. Joe fights for a headlining spot at the expense of Rob. Robby gets quizzed about his new circle of friends. Rob and Joe announce an exciting new entertainment venture. Rob receives a surprising message from someone closely connected to a show guest featured on “Best of”. Rob discusses some weird things he’s seen audience members wear recently at comedy shows. Joe gets confrontational with a policeman, but backs down when the officer finds his weak spot. Gramps has some trouble with a television show. The Maryland Music Awards finally aired and although some people thought Joe was cut from the show, he wasn’t quite. One prediction made about the SNL 40th special was on the money.

Aired Live Monday, February 23 at 7:30PM

The Best of Year Three Special

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on February 17th, 2015

The topics and clips revisited include the following:

Joe's quirky coworker joins the show to display his stunning lack of music knowledge in game show format (from episode 135). During another show appearance dealing with his online dating profile, Joe discusses one of Scott Apple’s imaginative ideas (from episode 109).  Joe tells the story of his chance encounter and subsequent mishap with a male enhancement drug (from episode 124). Robby deviously engineers awkward moments with both Rob and Joe (from episode 111). ‘Romeo Rose’, whose looking-for-love website and inflammatory statements have gained him national attention, talks to Rob and Joe and is even more outrageous than expected (from episode 115).  Rob introduces a fun and hilarious new game (from episode 134). J-L Cauvin joins the show and plays a game involving everyone's favorite comedy club slugger/impressionist (from episode 120). A live interview is conducted with the show's first-ever, and probably only, intern candidate (from episode 107).

Aired Monday, February 16th at 7:30PM

Walk This Way

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on February 10th, 2015

A call to fellow MORE host Mickey Cucchiella to promote the upcoming crossover live audience broadcast turns into an evaluation of everyone’s sexual prowess. Joe is challenged over an off-air remark he made about his favorite pie and how it is best eaten. A Detroit man is the news receives an abundance of donations and sympathy, but not from Rob and Joe. In spite of the amazingly talented and funny group of people assembled for the SNL 40th anniversary special, Rob and Joe speculate about just how big of a disappointment it will be. They then puzzle over why the brand new White Castle chain in Vegas had to close it’s doors after just one day. Rob and Joe feel the need to explain why one particular segment is included in the upcoming best of year three.

 Aired Monday, February 9 at 7:30PM

Happy Ending?

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on February 4th, 2015

Rob is pleased with the assortment of gifts he’s given his girlfriend for her birthday, but wonders how things might have gone if he went in a different direction. He also took her out to dinner for the occasion, but is troubled when the whole evening seems a little too special. Rob is determined to attend Scott Apple’s wedding in spite of the insult of receiving no actual invitation. Joe stays at his former home while the ex is away on a trip. Rob and Joe disagree about the level of Katie Perry’s hotness. Joe observes a racial stereotype and worries that his enjoyment of the behavior (and Robby’s audio drops) might be perceived the wrong way. Rob is stunned by the misguided way a comedy club owner attempts to defend the honor of his bartender. Joe’s just started a new diet and is already struggling with its limitations. There’s more discussion about the girlfriends’ spinoff show as well as a growing demand.

 Aired Live Monday, February 2 at 7:30PM


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