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The Meal Ruiner

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on April 27th, 2016

Rob is mourning the loss of both his favorite entertainer and his cat. The Tony Perkins live podcast event was a huge success and it brought Marcus and his wife to DC. Joe didn’t talk to them much, and Robby may have said too much. Scott Apple contends that he’s in better physical condition than Joe, who is outraged by this. Rob feels extra white when he doesn’t understand a rap music reference. 98 Rock doesn’t seem like they want Joe to cover the NFL draft again this year and Rob wonders who at the station might be replacing him.

Aired Live Monday, April 25th at 7:30PM

#240 - Prank Gone Wrong

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on April 19th, 2016

Right before the show there is breaking news of a celebrity death. Rob and Joe get feedback on which one of them is possibly the most-liked by someone in the MORE family. Rob is worried that Joe is alienating certain audience members at the end of the murder mystery show. Joe sees himself as someone who can converse with all types of people, but with one particular person he finds it very difficult. Rob is concerned for the safety of himself and his girlfriend when he receives some disturbing emails. Joe finds Rob’s reaction utterly ridiculous. Tony Perkins’ live podcast event is bringing everyone together in DC, including Marcus who might be an alcoholic. Joe is stunned to discover that Rob knows nothing about a literary classic that’s spawned multiple feature films and adaptations for television. Joe is surprised by what he finds when finally visits Rob’s new home. Joe’s long-time nemesis reaches out to the local comedy community with a high-paying gig.

Aired Live Monday, April 18th at 7:30PM

#239 - Ugly Friends

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on April 12th, 2016

Robby returns and has plenty to say about the new murder mystery and donations to the show. Joe is put on the spot about something he did that is potentially more weird than Rob neglecting to introduce his father.  Rob wonders why Katie’s social media is glaringly missing photos of Joe. Following Joe’s outing with the Spewaks, there is a lot of discussion about attending concerts past and present. One fan of the show has a deep secret about her first concert that has everyone very curious. Tom Arnold is still being a tool. Rob reports on his breakout gig with Kevin Hart.Plus; Rob once again makes himself a target on Facebook, there’s an update on Gramps and Rob and Joe are “highlighted” on the TMOS bonus show.

Aired Live Monday, April11th at 7:30PM

#238 - Rising Star

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on April 5th, 2016

This week Rob has a 1,2, punch of announcements including something with sister show, The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein. A turtle steals the show. More fallout comes form Tom Arnold who still can't get Joe off his mind. Rob has bought something new that will get him outside more. Gramps might be an alien. Girlfriend Katie has a new dress, but Joe won't be with her when she wears it. Is Rob about to leave Joe in the dust? How much would Joe take to wear a wig all year long?


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