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Welcome to the Brown Parade

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on May 31st, 2016

His son just graduated high school, but Joe doesn’t think congratulations are really in order for this level of accomplishment. Robby and his girlfriend were under scrutiny by everyone attending the Hall and Oates show. Rob is blindsided by yet another shocking revelation about one of his girlfriend’s former lovers. Robby and Joe test Rob’s Disney movie knowledge when its revealed that he is woefully ignorant about a commonly-known character. Gramps has been up to his old tricks and everyone is brimming with tales of his antics from the week past. Rob, Joe and others will be spending some close personal time together in tight quarters while in Ocean City for a 98 Rock remote. Joe recalls a childhood memory from the beach that leads to a simultaneously revolting and hilarious discussion.

Aired Live Monday, May 30th at 7:30PM


#245 - Inappropriate Pics

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on May 24th, 2016

When a new “improved” platform is put to the test live, the results are mixed. There are some concerns about this weekend’s concert outing. Marcus is under fire at the moment and Rob and Joe are unintentionally piling-on. Rob discovers that he really doesn’t love comedy. Joe shares his thoughts on spoilers and then tries to provoke Robby. Joe helps Rob examine the evidence to determine who has violated his tablet. This leads to quizzing Marcus in an effort to determine his level of dislike for Trump. Rob’s bachelor party boat gig is not what he imagined. Rob and Joe discuss the debut of their next murder mystery.

Aired Live Monday, May 23rd at 7:30PM

#244 - You Get What You Pay For

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on May 17th, 2016

Joe explains why Robby is so predictable when finding himself in the minority disliking a movie or TV show. An impromptu discussion about watching same-sex partners on-screen, porn and former sex partners follows. Unfortunately for Joe, the last people in the world he wants listening live are doing just that. When Rob nearly finds himself without several tickets to an upcoming group outing, he wonders what the dynamic might have been among the remaining people who already had them. There’s more to report in the world of Scott Apple. Joe’s girlfriend has given him an ultimatum. A listener pitches a concept for a new murder mystery. Rob is nervous about an upcoming gig. Skype audio is just not cooperating.

Aired Live Monday, May 16th at 7:30PM

#243 - Remember That, Robby?

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on May 10th, 2016

A baseball bet causes Rob to find himself in the middle of an interminable, trash-talking group text. When a music act is publicly criticized for arriving 2 hours late to her concert, Rob and Joe jump right on the bash-wagon. Robby has a concept for a future murder mystery and Rob and Joe make him pitch it on the show. Scott Apple’s DJ talk-ups received such an overwhelmingly positive response that Rob and Joe can’t wait to do it again and search for other ways to exploit his lack of knowledge and talent. Joe misses a zip line outing due to illness and doesn’t seem that eager to reschedule. Rob gets critiqued on his comedy by an old friend and colleague. When Rob mentions that he’ll be performing a new high-rise retail center, this leads to a strange discussion about malls, childhood and someone’s criminal past. Rob and Joe call a woman who was miraculously cured of blindness and discuss which of the five senses would they’d be willing to sacrifice. Rob and Joe rant on the state of society and its affect on the comedy scene.

Aired Live Monday, May 9th at 7:30PM

#242 - Bad Apple

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit by robandjoeshow on May 4th, 2016

Rob and Joe peel back the curtain on the newest murder mystery. Scott Apple gets quite the run with more stories of his amazing lack of pop culture and music knowledge, and an upcoming event he’s planning. His much-anticipated DJ talks-ups also do not disappoint. Rob contemplates the absurdity of the recent incident at the White House Correspondents dinner. Marcus shares his take on the recent brunch conversation. The topic of that cheap meal leads to a conversation about questionable bargains and found money. Joe suffers a couple of blows to his ego, and Rob makes a half-assed attempt to make him feel better.

Aired Live Monday, May 2nd at 7:30PM


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