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Robby interrupts Rob and Joe with a phone call to inform them that he's lost his connection and that he and Marcus can't participate in the show. It was windy this past few days and Rob lost some money at the drive-thru as a result. Joe then re-tells a story about losing a large amount of cash. Joe throws away a memento from his deceased grandmother. This reminds Rob that he hasn't made a decision about what to do with his father's ashes. Joe and Katie traveled to Ohio to see Bob Seger, while Rob was performing in nearby Michigan. The newest murder mystery script has been distributed among the cast for a week, but no one has read it. Joe and Katie have a bet about Tom Brady. Robby wants to drive by himself to Atlantic City for the upcoming bachelor party. Gramps is on Instagram, which seems like a bad idea. Joe's oldest son is getting his own place. Joe and Katie think Taylor Swift is hot. Rob and Joe are both checking the fit on their wedding suits.

Aired Live Monday, January 21st at 7:30PM

#402 - The Oscar Goes To…

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Joe expresses his frustration with employees who think they're entitled to a day off every time it snows. This leads to stories about Joe and Robby's days at bus boys and getting "Emilied". Rob gets called-out for not having a clue about how to organize a bachelor party. Katie and Joe plead their cases for custody of Oscar should things go awry, and a judgment is rendered. Tawanda stands up for what's right when she gets overcharged at Hobby Lobby. Joe wants to know if Katie's father should be included in the bachelor party. Rob reveals the name of the listener who expressed concern about Katie's "anger issues". Katie looks inward to examine the possibility that there is some truth to it and from where these issues might be coming.

Aired Live Monday, January 14th at 7:30PM

#400 - The Mile-I Club

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on January 9th, 2019

Rob and Joe celebrate their 400th episode with no fanfare or anything extraordinary planned. Joe has another reason to celebrate. A visit with an old friend makes Joe realize what a hard worker he is. Rob goes to Korea where he makes the most of his by trip pushing the murder mystery, outlining the next script and catching up some movies. The Bear's missed field goal in last weekend's playoff game was officially ruled as a block, but Marcus doesn't want to hear excuses. Joe invites strangers to the house for New Year's Eve, which leads to a weird discussion about what you would feel comfortable having your neighbors do in your home, and also a confession. A fan posts a comment taking Joe to task. With Mara Reinstein scheduled to return soon, Joe talks about his confusion with the Golden Globe awards. Joe saw Robby many times over the holidays, but refused to pass along a gift from a fan that was sent to his home. Joe is confused by Asian dining.

Aired Live Monday, January 7th at 7:30PM


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