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Locked Up

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Rob frantically searches for his wallet after Robby informs him about his own bank account being hacked. Joe is creeping around the radio station on Sunday morning, or so it might appear to one of his colleagues working in the studio. Rob was not the only one who misplaced something, and when his neighbors are involved Joe can never seem to get out of his own way. The show's social media is flooded with feedback on last week's fast casual burger disagreement. Joe and Katie review the new theatrical release "Hustlers". SPOILER ALERT. Robby saw the movie they should have picked to see instead. Joe recalls a story about asking a girl on a date to see "Rambo: First Blood Pt. II". Once again, Joe creates tension with Katie when he mentions how she binges shows ahead of him. Rob and Joe argue over the believability of "Unbelievable" on Netflix.

Aired Live Monday, September 23rd  at 7:30PM

Straw That Broke the Camels Back

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Rob receives another unsolicited email from someone who wants to be part of DLP. Joe is going to get his Five Plated sign back from Winchester in a few weeks, but Katie may not allow it to be displayed in the house. Joe reveals whether or not the 98 Rock "fan" that he spotted at a baby shower returned to the Raven's broadcast area. Chris produces yet another one of his impressionist bits and sends it to Rob, who seems to be the only one (besides Erik) who actually thinks its worthwhile. A very contested debate on Twitter leads Rob to pose this same question about fast food on the show.

Recorded  Monday, September 16th  at 7:30PM


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Rob, Joe and Robby apologize and explain what happened last week. Rob would like to do a third edition of the Scott Apple game, but that would put Joe in a weird position. Joe attends his rich buddy's party and is disappointed by the number of people he actually knows in attendance. Rob couldn't go to the party because he was in Syracuse where he met a comedian whose act and claims to fame were equally outrageous. Rob heard Joe's solo pre-game hour on the way back from New York, so they compare notes. Joe pulls back the curtain on the glamorous life of a sports broadcaster. Rob is still unsure about his appearance on Laughfinder after the fact, but he feels he was good at rolling the die.

Recorded Monday, September 16th  at 6:30PM

Cause for Alarm

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on September 5th, 2019

The Die Laughing crew makes a trip to Virginia Beach. Joe works in the FunnyBone sound booth there and walks a mile in Robby's shoes. An audience member playing a role gets confused by stage direction. Joe is a big fan of karaoke if you bring some outstanding comedic entertainers with you to participate. First responders race to the hotel, where several of the cast is staying, because of an incident in their room. Joe must appear in traffic court and regrets not drawing on some constitutional law knowledge when he had the chance. Everyone weighs-in with this year's Super Bowl predictions. Joe needs help with his A.D.D.

Aired Live Monday, September 2nd  at 7:30PM


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