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The Sound of Robinsons

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on December 18th, 2019

After seeing Knives Out, Joe compares the movie to Die Laughing Productions' product. Robby is very passionate about his position that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. He's also very disappointed with Disney+. Rob and Joe talk about a couple of shows they can't seem to stop watching. Katie wants credit for coming up with a business idea that has now come to fruition without her. This morphs into a conversation about how people spend their time at work; Joe specifically. Rob and Joe are witness to what is likely the smallest margin win ever in a fantasy football. Robby, asking an innocent question on the topic, creates an argument between the two of them.

Recorded Monday, December 9th  at 7:30PM

Get to the End

Posted in DefaultTag by robandjoeshow on December 10th, 2019

Rob's recently started to enjoy cooking and he shares his recipes. Rob and Joe are popular with the kids. Rob guesses for what things Joe gave thanks this year. Rob has a strange hypothetical based on watching the National Geographic section on the hot new streaming service. Anxiety about the big dance number in the Christmas murder mystery is troubling Rob as the first show of the season gets closer. Joe would rather watch the game at home, but if he's going to watch the Ravens at the stadium, he is particular about his skybox seat.

Aired Live Monday, December 2nd  at 8:15PM

Equal Spray

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on December 5th, 2019

Gramps loves his social media platforms, but he sends out a birthday greeting which Joe only receives by chance. Fans on Facebook weigh-in on good birthday gift ideas for Joe. Katie apparently has certain restrictions about what Joe can wear. Chris Restivo put together a star-studded birthday party for himself. When Joe and Katie go on a mini vacation to DC, the Museum of Natural history is a big let-down. They also go to see a play where someone working at the theater gets very aggressive with ticket-holders not stopping at the box office. Rob talks about shepherd's pie and stand-up Sam Jay's unique comic perspective.

Aired Live Monday, December 2nd  at 7:30PM


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