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He Died Doing What He Loved

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on March 26th, 2020

Rob is back to doing the show from home like the old days. There is a lot of concern about the economy from Rob and Joe, especially the future of the comedy clubs. Rob does however have his new comedy project poised to drop in a day or two. Robby and Joe have witnessed some people not really taking the preventative measures they should be. Rob wonders how Joe would have handled his wedding plans if the world had been like this a year ago. Gramps has a new sponsor. While his "friend" is harassing Rob through Facebook, Restivo is now identifying himself as only half-white. Both hosts are enjoying the Netflix docuseries "Tiger King", so Rob poses a hypothetical about owning a deadly beast. Rob and Joe have been watching horror movies.

Aired Live Monday, March 23rd at 6:00PM

Kicks for Kancer

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on March 20th, 2020

Rob, Joe and Robby compare notes on how they are dealing with work and personal contact with others. When Joe puts his foot in his mouth again, as he is known to do often, Katie coins a new term for this habit of his. Rob and Joe talk about the results of the Quiplash tournament. Rob is looking for a way to capitalize on people staying indoors with nothing to do. Jeremy Woodworth encounters a fan while looking for a bargain. Rob and Joe are concerned about how Michael Chamberlin is faring as an entertaining under the current climate. Rob asks for recommendations of shows people would enjoy binging while they're stuck in the house. Joe defends the HBO documentary series McMillion$, but mainly criticizes J-L Cauvin for not liking it. Robby is finally vindicated when he proves his ability to pick The Bachelor finalists. Joe's hopes to become friends with a particular NFL player are dashed. It seems that Joe doesn't really know how to download music.

Aired Live Monday, March 16th  at 7:30PM

Expedia Customer Service is the Worst Ever!

Posted in DefaultTag by robandjoeshow on March 12th, 2020

A pre-show conversation about the greatest male rock vocalists bleeds over when Rob and Joe crack the mics. Joe's long-awaited return to stand-up was last week, and his take-away is that he could be great again if he was willing to put time into working on some new premises he has. Rob is going to miss the much-anticipated Quiplash tournament that should prove to be an event for the ages. It appears that the Louis CK show Robby attended was being filmed for a future comedy special. Rob had a nightmare experience when he tried to redeem an airline ticket credit from the most popular travel booking website. Rob was nice to his fans in person this past week, but they will discover he was insincere if they listen to how he talks about them on this episode. Rob's stories from Tampa remind Joe of how he recently hurt a coworker with his joking. A friend reaches out during the show to get Rob's opinion on a "joke" he's written. Joe's youngest son tries his hand at stand-up.

Aired Live Monday, March 10th  at 7:30PM

Coming of Age

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on March 4th, 2020

There's an update to a Gramps story from a previous episode. Joe details how he honored his wife for a milestone birthday. Joe raves about the Eagles concert he attended at Madison Square Garden. Louis CK's career seems to now be on the upswing since his 2017 controversy. Joe has a rare stand-up appearance in Annapolis just a few days away and he's wondering if he should take time to prepare. Rob is into a new reality show on Netflix. Joe is into another Netflix show, but he dared to watch ahead without Katie. Rob would like to see the HBO documentary McMillions turned into a scripted drama and asks who might be cast to portray the people involved.

Aired Live Monday, March 2nd  at 7:30PM


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