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Bedtime Story

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on May 27th, 2020

The show just completed its second 'all-star' Zoom call for Patreon subscribers. Robby's new neighbors are being very loud right outside of his studio during the show. Joe was socializing with friends all Memorial Day weekend, and Rob wonders why he wasn't invited to one party in particular. Die Laughing Productions has shows scheduled in June, so Rob and Joe discuss if and how those might take place. Rob and Joe are surprised by both the popularity and the interesting dynamic of the charity celebrity golf match played over the weekend. The quarantine might have a silver lining for Joe personally during the upcoming NFL season. With the sudden rise of the virtual comedy show, Rob and Joe have ideas about what works, what doesn't and how they might be improved. And because of these shows, a new murder mystery idea has been floated. Joe has a few new "lists of fours" to ponder from his posts on Twitter this week.

Aired Live Monday May 25th at 7:00PM

I Ate Joke

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on May 22nd, 2020

Joe spends some time in Ocean City with friends and gets called out for improper social distancing. Rob makes progress on his government income assistance. His trust is betrayed when Joe allows Rob access to the studio while he and Katie are at the beach. Robby receives confirmation that the number one participant on Joe's wish list has committed to the next SuperZoom. Joe is antagonizing people on Twitter and gets blocked by one fan. Joe brings to the show one hotly-debated poll he posted. Following the passing of the beloved actor Fred Willard, Joe reminisces about interviewing him in 2008. This leads to Rob revealing how he upset an actress during an interview and Joe telling some locker room gossip he was told by a now ex-Raven. Rob learned some inside showbiz and divorce details from his celebrity friend. A new film project from that comedian spawns a conversation about the most famous animated and comic strip animals. While Joe learns from a friend that cold showers are good for you, he declines to start the practice. Rob competes in another Kumite, this time for a corporate gig.

Aired Live Monday May 18th at 6:30PM

Grounds for Annulment

Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on May 16th, 2020

Joe is going to get serious about exercising, and he'd better since Katie is making a big sacrifice to give him space for the equipment in the house. This dovetails into a discussion about yard sales and how Joe once alienated neighbors over some junk he was selling. Katie is appalled, but she is seeing evidence of this type of behavior all the time, and talks about the most recent incident. Joe and Robby describe the problem all the Robinson men have with their ears. On Mother's Day Gramps inches his way inside the six foot bubble, Joe shares with the in-laws a story already very familiar to the listeners and Rob hugs his mom. An appearance on one Zoom-based comedy gig landed Rob another. Restivo has yet another spurious business scheme. A wily hairdresser seizes the quarantine as her opportunity to finally get rid of Robby as a customer. Joe has a Zoom meeting with a future NFL hall-of-famer. This week's picks on what to stream and what not to stream from Joe also has Robby's endorsement.

Aired Live Monday May 11th at 6:30PM


Posted in , Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on May 6th, 2020

Revisiting the house hunting story from the previous episode, Joe reveals how Katie learned of the ordeal and she then gives her thoughts on it. Rob relays a new story from Gramps which turns into a quiz about sex acts and their names. For Rob, competing in the Comedy Kumite over Zoom presents just another obstacle to total victory. Joe is troubled that Rob doesn't know most of the songs on his recent "perfect" Twitter list. SPOILER ALERT! Joe describes the end of Rambo: Last Blood and why he loves it so much.

Aired Live Monday May 4th at 6:35PM


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