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A Lot of White Claw

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on October 10th, 2019

Joe reveals the secret behind a little social media prank he played on Rob. When people don't understand his tweets, Rob gets frustrated. Joe is really up on the music of Taylor Swift. Katie's best friend was married over the weekend and the wedding featured a gigantic wedding party and a lot of drinking. Katie trusted Joe to remember one thing for the wedding. Joe risks his perfect Lyft score for a college athletics strength trainer. Marcus has an update from the previous conversation about his injury and its affect on his lovemaking.

Aired Live Monday, October 7th  at 7:30PM

Love Wall

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on October 2nd, 2019

Marcus suffered a couple of injuries during his absence, one of them to a very sensitive part of the body. Joe accidentally picks-up when Chris Restivo calls him with an update on the shirt. He also reaches out to Rob to ask if he's aware of all his huge show business opportunities. Rob gives Joe Blue Apron as a gift, so he decides to complete the sign-up process during the show. Katie isn't happy when she discovers Joe did this without her. Following the petsitting story on last week's show, Joe has a conversation with his neighbors off the air and one of them did not like the segment. Katie talks about the drama surrounding her very recent exit from Under Armour. Rob's been offered a new potentially lucrative gig, but he can't use practically any of his existing material.

Aired Live Monday, September 30th  at 7:30PM

Locked Up

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on September 25th, 2019

Rob frantically searches for his wallet after Robby informs him about his own bank account being hacked. Joe is creeping around the radio station on Sunday morning, or so it might appear to one of his colleagues working in the studio. Rob was not the only one who misplaced something, and when his neighbors are involved Joe can never seem to get out of his own way. The show's social media is flooded with feedback on last week's fast casual burger disagreement. Joe and Katie review the new theatrical release "Hustlers". SPOILER ALERT. Robby saw the movie they should have picked to see instead. Joe recalls a story about asking a girl on a date to see "Rambo: First Blood Pt. II". Once again, Joe creates tension with Katie when he mentions how she binges shows ahead of him. Rob and Joe argue over the believability of "Unbelievable" on Netflix.

Aired Live Monday, September 23rd  at 7:30PM

Straw That Broke the Camels Back

Posted in DefaultTag, Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on September 22nd, 2019

Rob receives another unsolicited email from someone who wants to be part of DLP. Joe is going to get his Five Plated sign back from Winchester in a few weeks, but Katie may not allow it to be displayed in the house. Joe reveals whether or not the 98 Rock "fan" that he spotted at a baby shower returned to the Raven's broadcast area. Chris produces yet another one of his impressionist bits and sends it to Rob, who seems to be the only one (besides Erik) who actually thinks its worthwhile. A very contested debate on Twitter leads Rob to pose this same question about fast food on the show.

Recorded  Monday, September 16th  at 7:30PM

Cause for Alarm

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on September 5th, 2019

The Die Laughing crew makes a trip to Virginia Beach. Joe works in the FunnyBone sound booth there and walks a mile in Robby's shoes. An audience member playing a role gets confused by stage direction. Joe is a big fan of karaoke if you bring some outstanding comedic entertainers with you to participate. First responders race to the hotel, where several of the cast is staying, because of an incident in their room. Joe must appear in traffic court and regrets not drawing on some constitutional law knowledge when he had the chance. Everyone weighs-in with this year's Super Bowl predictions. Joe needs help with his A.D.D.

Aired Live Monday, September 2nd  at 7:30PM

Cheat Day

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on August 7th, 2019

Rob's new t-shirt leads to Joe talking about a coffee stain on his car. Robby appears to be trolling Joe on Twitter. Joe second-guesses himself about how to bathe his dog. While 98 Rock/WBAL listeners await an announcement about who will be the regular sports anchor, Joe continues to help fill the slot and find his way. No one, including Rob, knows what to expect whenever they perform at the Shriners Temple. When Katie leaves town, Joe takes a well-deserved extreme rest day. There's no more relaxing for Joe when he is forced to deal with old hornets nest. Rob poses a disturbing hypothetical questions.

Aired Live Monday, August 5th  at 7:30PM

#434 - Shoot Your Shot

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on August 1st, 2019

Technical issues still plague the show, including the show notes on Rob's computer which have suddenly reverted to topics from almost a year ago. Beyond a back yard for the dog, Joe lists the other features they'll need in a new house. A listener suggests a topic for the show. Joe feels slighted when he's not invited to a station event. Then covering his first Ravens practice, he struggles to find his way. Rob has a new phrase he uses to be both dismissive and hilarious with Tawanda, Joe yearns for the day he had something similar with his bride. Katie is attending a friend's bachelorette party out of town and Joe is setting some ground rules.

Aired Live Monday, July 29th  at 7:30PM

After Hours

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on July 23rd, 2019

Some fluky technical issues prevent Rob and Joe from doing a live show, and almost keep them from doing a show at all. Rob has a lot of problems flying to and from Nebraska. Rob's travel dilemma got him back to DC too late to make the murder mystery on Sunday night, but that was the just the beginning (and the least) of the problems getting that show off the ground. A possible opportunity arises once again, and Joe asserts himself quickly, when a change at the radio station is announced. Joe has strong opinions about the new trailer for the Top Gun sequel and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Recorded Monday, July 22nd  at 8:15PM

#431 - The Right Bait

Posted in Comedy, Talk, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on July 11th, 2019

Gramps and the other regular live listeners appear to love the new chat room. Rob gets a reality check on Tawanda's opinion of his comedy. While subbing on afternoon drive this week, Rob puts his foot squarely in his mouth off the air. Robby needles Joe about arguing on Twitter even though he knows nothing about the disagreement. Joe and Katie love to crap on Rob when they're playing Cards Against Humanity. At the same party, an innocent bystander gets a barrage of insults hurled at him. Rob and Joe talk to the documentarian OKI again about his struggles and ultimate triumph over the Keyser Soze of comedy. Katie's already shopping for another wedding dress. Joe is stunned when Katie announces suddenly that she plans to resume an old hobby, and then immediately leaves the house by herself to go pursue it. Joe follows in Gramps footsteps and joins Instagram for similar reason.

Aired Live Monday, July 8th  at 7:45PM


Wings, Rings & Frozen Things

Posted in Comedy, Explicit, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson by robandjoeshow on July 3rd, 2019

With no live show and chat this week, Rob and Joe worry about Gramps' state of mind. Joe takes steps to deal with his worsening memory issues. Erik, once again, goes over the line when it comes to his interaction with the murder mystery audience. "The Most Hated Man in Comedy" documentary is reposted after some self-censorship by the filmmaker. Restivo is working on another new impression, this one specifically for the Rob and Joe fans. Katie is putting the pressure on Joe to get the ring fixed. Rob annoys Katie when he appears to know Joe's schedule better than she does. Joe has impulsively said the wrong thing to a neighbor again, but this time behind Katie's back. A young couple Joe befriended on the honeymoon have become listeners and potential restaurateurs.

Recorded Monday, July 1st  at 7:30PM

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