Rob’s Nigerian Nightmare

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on April 4th, 2013

When Robby volunteers to do the Youtube highlight clip for the week, its always a sign that it must be someone's most embarrassing excerpt from the show. Joe feels he has more insight into Rob's sex life with his girlfriend after socializing with the two again recently. Rob wonders if couples in long-term relationships ever actually fantasize about each other. It seems a notorious Tweeter has written to the show, but everyone is skeptical. Joe is bewildered by a Kardashian reality show episode and then admits that he would be intimated by Kim's considerable experience. A spontaneous argument erupts over the season finale of The Walking Dead. Rob discovers that the voice of the top collegiate women's basketball player is anything but feminine. Local legend Tom "Bomb" Myer's records his act in front of a live audience and does not disappoint. The worst audience member of all-time attends Rob's open mic show, and his love for booze reaches a new low when he reconnects with a moonshiner.

Aired Live Monday, April 1st at 7:30PM