Super Hornio Brothers

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on April 17th, 2013

With Robby's girlfriend returning just days before the Drafts and Laughs event, Rob wonders if this might lead to an encore of his abrupt exit a year ago. Joe defends his 'poker talk' from the previous show. Surprisingly, one of his sons is somehow aware of a famous porn star. Infamous Tweeter Katie Moody (aka KatieBrady12), talks to Rob and Joe in her first public appearance to apologize, correct some misconceptions and answer a spate of their trademark hypothetical questions. Rob teases a women of sub-par intellect at a show. This leads to a disagreement about the importance of intelligence in a female partner. Rob has a lot of questions when learns about a colleague dating a much older woman.

Aired Live Monday, April 15th at 7:45PM