#405 - Dress Code Red

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Rob didn't bother listening to last week's show and Joe admits he had no idea that Rob wasn't going to be there for it. Rob took Tawanda to a very high-end restaurant for her birthday. Katie's frequent comments about all the guys she finds hot are starting to wear on Joe. Katie is worried about Robby's attire for the wedding. Often Rob will start to watch a movie, then stop and debate whether or not to go back and finish it. Rob needs to set the record straight regarding a story Joe told on last week's show. Rob and Joe share their thoughts on Super Bowl LIII and football squares pools. Rob continues to complain about his friend who obsessively turn everything on social media into a political debate.

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#404 - Woman on Fyre

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Joe admits to not being fully on top of show-prep with Rob is in Chicago and unable to record this week.  Katie swallows something that is intended for another part of the body. Joe plans to enter his dog into the same show where Robby's dog was robbed of any recognition whatsoever two years earlier. Katie and Joe don't have a dog park in their neighborhood and they wonder if Robby would report someone taking advantage of the amenities in someone else's community. There are a lot of new documentaries and Joe and Katie have seen them all. A new one called "Leaving Neverland", set to release later this year, could destroy a recent addition to the batch Die Laughing Productions murder mystery shows. Luckily DLP gets highlighted on one of the top shows in the podcast world with a special shout-out to Katie. After seeing the new Laurel and Hardy biopic, Katie makes a comparison between the dynamic of the comedy duo and that of another she's knows personally. Joe took on the responsibility of acquiring a few pieces of audio required for the new murder mystery, and is now complaining about it. Some people don't appreciate the things Joe is teaching Katie's young nephew.

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Robby interrupts Rob and Joe with a phone call to inform them that he's lost his connection and that he and Marcus can't participate in the show. It was windy this past few days and Rob lost some money at the drive-thru as a result. Joe then re-tells a story about losing a large amount of cash. Joe throws away a memento from his deceased grandmother. This reminds Rob that he hasn't made a decision about what to do with his father's ashes. Joe and Katie traveled to Ohio to see Bob Seger, while Rob was performing in nearby Michigan. The newest murder mystery script has been distributed among the cast for a week, but no one has read it. Joe and Katie have a bet about Tom Brady. Robby wants to drive by himself to Atlantic City for the upcoming bachelor party. Gramps is on Instagram, which seems like a bad idea. Joe's oldest son is getting his own place. Joe and Katie think Taylor Swift is hot. Rob and Joe are both checking the fit on their wedding suits.

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#402 - The Oscar Goes To…

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Joe expresses his frustration with employees who think they're entitled to a day off every time it snows. This leads to stories about Joe and Robby's days at bus boys and getting "Emilied". Rob gets called-out for not having a clue about how to organize a bachelor party. Katie and Joe plead their cases for custody of Oscar should things go awry, and a judgment is rendered. Tawanda stands up for what's right when she gets overcharged at Hobby Lobby. Joe wants to know if Katie's father should be included in the bachelor party. Rob reveals the name of the listener who expressed concern about Katie's "anger issues". Katie looks inward to examine the possibility that there is some truth to it and from where these issues might be coming.

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#400 - The Mile-I Club

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Rob and Joe celebrate their 400th episode with no fanfare or anything extraordinary planned. Joe has another reason to celebrate. A visit with an old friend makes Joe realize what a hard worker he is. Rob goes to Korea where he makes the most of his by trip pushing the murder mystery, outlining the next script and catching up some movies. The Bear's missed field goal in last weekend's playoff game was officially ruled as a block, but Marcus doesn't want to hear excuses. Joe invites strangers to the house for New Year's Eve, which leads to a weird discussion about what you would feel comfortable having your neighbors do in your home, and also a confession. A fan posts a comment taking Joe to task. With Mara Reinstein scheduled to return soon, Joe talks about his confusion with the Golden Globe awards. Joe saw Robby many times over the holidays, but refused to pass along a gift from a fan that was sent to his home. Joe is confused by Asian dining.

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In Your Face

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Joe wrestles with himself over whether or not to talk about one holiday incident where Katie lost or misplaced a certain package. When Gramps sends a text to what he thinks is a customer's number, he gets a reply he did not expect. The new novel by Robby and Joe's uncle was a popular Christmas present in 2018. Joe gets a gift bonanza being on his future mother-in-law's Christmas list. The Die Laughing Production secret Santa gift exchange produced some extraordinary presents, but a portrait painted of Joe and Katie stood-out above all others. Rob still feels self-conscious about his own reaction when receiving gifts. Rob and Joe open gifts from Marcus on the air. Both the cast and the audiences were filled with the Christmas spirit for the final few murder mystery performances of the year and things got wild. Rob is traveling out of the country to perform on New Year's Eve, and Joe explains why he will never be allowed to do anything like that in the future. There will be no celebrating of the upcoming 400th show because Rob and Joe just don't think its a big deal. With the benefit of hindsight, some of Rob and Joe's worst moments from past shows are being reexamined and highlighted on Twitter. Erik gets a sex toy for Christmas.

Prerecored Wednesday, December 26th at 6:30PM

#398 - A Hero Who Likes Gyros

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Rob has a new outgoing message he's sure will please Joe. Robby and Joe's uncle appears to have gotten a bump in sales on his new book based on the plug he received from the show. Rob and Joe call Erik again to hear about someone sabotaging his newest comedy project just for a laugh. A new Gramps-submitted story has everyone urging him to quit his job or retire. David Koechner provides a woman in need with a Christmas miracle and Rob is there to witness his generosity. A friend of a friend gets a spot on Rob's fantasy footfall league, comes in last and now won't pay his fee. After going to look at ice sculptures, Joe's future father-in-law lashes out at some women with whom he crosses paths. Michael Chamberlin takes Joe to task again, this time over one of Joe's favorite movies from this year. Katie finds a deadly creature inside the house.

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#396 - Oscar Night

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Inspired by a fan's comments, Rob starts the show talking about the merits of pita bread, followed by an update on his outgoing message. Robby takes a beating in the iTunes review section. Two Die Laughing cast members had trouble with their musical numbers over the weekend and one of them is called live to discuss the issue. Katie is not happy with J-L Cauvin's new nick name for her. Joe and Katie tell the story of how they lucked into getting a beautiful new rescue dog. Katie's father continues to challenge Joe and his objection to Christmas light projectors. A new drama on Bravo has piqued everyone's interest and lifted the profile of actor Eric Bana. Rob is eager to see reviews for Clint Eastwood's new film but he's unable to find any. Rob supports his colleague Kevin Hart's decision to quit the Oscars gig days after he was announced as the host. An exclusive clip of Marcus's radio play is heard and discussed. He then provides an update on his communications with Jim Amato. Chris Restivo has a new job.

Aired Live Monday, December 10that 7:30PM

#395 - Orna-Mental

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Joe details how he celebrated his birthday which included some classic Gramps on display, and an activity Robby would have enjoyed had he been invited. During his time performing in Connecticut, Rob nearly commits to an all TGIFridays diet. While planning a Christmas light caper, Joe must point out the hypocrisy of one person who voices moral objections to the criminal plot. Joe gives his thoughts on some of the films he's seen in theaters recently. Marcus is confronted about his lack of communication with another person close to the show. Joe and Katie encounter a racial stereotype at the movies and have completely different reactions to the situation. Joe is confronted for a running joke he's been making behind someone's back. Joe critiques Katie's tree decorating and she doesn't take the feedback very well.

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#394 - Resentments Kill

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Joe finds himself at odds with several members of the Peusch family at the same time. Frank is called to get some clarification on why Joe was excluded from an important family tradition. Meanwhile there is trouble among the Peusch women and some holiday festivities are in jeopardy. Joe's pre-game partner makes him feel under-dressed for the broadcast on RavensWalk. There is yet another revelation about Joe and Katie's bedroom behavior. Joe's birthday is this weekend and he talks about his plans for (and his feelings about) the big 5-0. Gramps' brother reaches out to Joe for a plug. Rob and Joe reveal the title of their next murder mystery. Joe revisits wedding hashtags, which leads to brainstorming about the details of Rob's wedding. Joe repeats a prediction he highlighted on 98Rock for the podcast listeners.

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