A Room of Swords

Posted in Comedy, Talk by robandjoeshow on September 25th, 2013

Rob scoffs at the conventional wisdom that a good chef should be overweight. A finished version of Rob's long-awaited reality show pilot is available on Youtube. At this show's premiere, Robby gets into a heated discussion with one of the cast members. Joe had hoped for a more confident feeling after his triumphant return to the Improv stage. A legendary radio performer does a bit identical to one originally done on the show more than a year earlier. The show receives some surprising publicity. Joe reads some of the responses to his profile entry in Match.com contest. Joe gets a follow-up quiz about his personal life. Rob is almost up to speed so that he might enjoy the huge television series finale event along with everyone else. Show announcer Tim revels in his contrarianism.

Aired Live Monday, September 23rd at 7:00PM